Coton de Tulear

Also Called: Coton White Dog of Madagascar

Coton de Tulear
Friendliness High
Kid Friendly High
Pet Friendly High
Exercise Needs Moderate
Playfulness High
Energy Level High
Trainability Average
Intelligence High
Tendency To Bark Low
Amount Of Shedding Medium

The Coton de Tulear is a small, friendly dog with a fluffy white coat and lively personality.

Breed Overview

  • Group: Non-Sporting
  • Life Span: 12-14 years
  • Height: Small
  • Weight: Light
  • Coat: Long
  • Coat Colors: White
  • Litter Size: 3-6
  • Family: Toy / Companion Dog
  • Hypoallergenic: true
  • Recognition: AKC, FCI
  • Size: Small

Training and Care

Coton de Tulears are intelligent dogs that need regular activity and are easy to train. They need a daily brushing to keep their coats healthy and mats free. Professional grooming every 6-8 weeks is recommended.

Diet and Nutrition

Coton de Tulears should be fed a high-quality diet that meets their nutritional needs and complements their activity level. They tend to gain weight easily, so their food rations should be monitored.

Health Problems

Coton de Tulears can be prone to problems such as luxating patellas, epilepsy, heart and eye defects, and allergies. They should see a veterinarian regularly to identify any issues early.

Breed History

The Coton de Tulear is a rare breed of small dog originating on the island of Madagascar. The breed has been around since the 18th century, and is thought to be the result of cross breeding between the Bichon Frise and Maltese.

Where to Buy or Adopt

Coton de Tulears are relatively rare, so it can be difficult to locate puppies for sale. They can be expensive, with some puppies costing up to $2,000. Adoption is an option, and potential owners should be prepared to wait for an available dog.

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