Border Terrier

Also Called: Border Jack Border

Border Terrier
Friendliness High
Kid Friendly High
Pet Friendly High
Exercise Needs Significant
Playfulness High
Energy Level High
Trainability Average
Intelligence High
Tendency To Bark Low
Amount Of Shedding Medium

The Border Terrier is a small, rough-coated breed of dog of the terrier group. Bred as a fox and vermin hunter, they share ancestry with the Dandie Dinmont Terrier and Bedlington Terrier.

Breed Overview

  • Group: Terrier
  • Life Span: 13-15 years
  • Height: 12-16 inches
  • Weight: 11-15 pounds
  • Coat: Hard, wire-textured, and weather-resistant double coat
  • Coat Colors: Blue,Red,Wheaten
  • Litter Size: 4-6 puppies
  • Family: Terrier
  • Hypoallergenic: false
  • Recognition: AKC
  • Size: Small

Training and Care

Border Terriers require regular grooming, including brushing twice a week and stripping or trimming of the coat. They need plenty of outdoor exercise, as they have an abundance of energy and need regular activity. They normally enjoy and excel in activities such as flyball, agility and frisbee. Socialization from an early age helps them to be more relaxed with other people and animals.

Diet and Nutrition

Border Terriers are generally healthy and robust dogs, and as with all breeds, they require a balanced diet and regular exercise to remain in peak condition. Generally, they do not require any special dietary regime, but it is always important to follow feeding guidelines set out by your veterinary nutritionist or breeder.

Health Problems

Border Terriers have few health problems, but they can suffer from different ailments. These include hip dysplasia, which can lead to arthritis if left untreated. Also, like some other small breeds, they can be prone to dental issues, which can lead to painful gums, missing teeth, and digestion problems if left untreated.

Breed History

The Border Terrier is a very old breed of dog with roots that can be traced back to the 1600s in northern England. It was bred to “go to ground” in search of fox, badger, and other small animals. The breed was recognized by the British Kennel Club in 1920.

Where to Buy or Adopt

Border Terriers can be purchased from reputable breeders, or they can be adopted from rescue organizations and animal shelters. Prices vary depending on the breeder, but generally range from $500 - $1,000.

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